We buy Irish banknotes

We are generally interested in all Irish banknotes, both for my own collection and to resell. The most important considerations for the price are condition and rarity of the banknote.

The entire sales process is very simple, sent us an email to info@banknoteforest.com or use our contact form below to upload a photos of the banknote(s). When you take a photo, spread the banknote(s) on the table and take a photo so that the banknote fills the entire photo. Try to make the photo of the best quality.

For a small quantity of notes we can generally advise on our interest and make an approximate offer on the basis of pictures.

After reaching agreement, we will send you a prepaid envelope and you only have to put the banknotes in the envelope and take it to the post office. After receiving the banknotes and checking their authenticity, we will send you the money via bank transfer, PayPal, Revolut or money postal order.